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Software DigiTerra EXPLORER

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DALEdigital es representante para el Ecuador de DigiTerra ® Information Services Ltd
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DigiTerra Explorer una completa solución GIS de campo y recogida de datos que proporciona acceso a la base de datos, cartografía, SIG y el sistema de posicionamiento global (GPS) de integración, es una forma rápida, eficaz, fácil de usar y de usos múltiples, software multi-plataforma, usted puede fácilmente visualizar, analizar, editar y recopilar datos topográficos digitales y descriptivo en el campo.



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Area measurement and field data collection with GPS receiver

Mobile AND desktop GIS within a single software

Flexible, device-independent use, running on many mobile devices and handhelds: delivered on SD-card

Fast graphical engine to process large raster and vector files

Simple file formats: MAP, TAB, EXP, JPG

Individually designed reports and maps

Classification with thematic mapping toolkit: symbols, line types, patterns, colour palettes


General GIS file formats: SHP, MIF/MID, ECW, TIF, JP2


Web Map Service (WMS) and Tile Map Server (TMS) support


On-the-fly projection transformation


GPS camera solution: photo linking & geo-tagging


GPS navigation to target based on projected and geographical coordinates


Data synchronization with Dropbox


Support for mapping projects (DMP)


Advanced capabilities to run data analysis & make better decisions on the field


Wide range of standard formats: zipped SHP, DXF, DGN, TIN, SID, CADRG, ERS, PNG, BIL, KML, KMZ, GML, APN


Data collection sheet, to be prepared with a simple wizard tool


Relational data table connections


SQLite geodatabase support: Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standard WKT, WKB formats


3D view and TIN generation


Raster orientation


Wide range of topological editing tools (sampling, buffer zone, polyline and polygon divisioning,
handling multipart features, multiselection tool) to maintain and verify existing data


Surveying tools (rectangular and polar survey, distance and angle intersection, stakeout by the sun)


Built-in NTRIP client, data collection for post-processing


Integration with external sensors (laser range finder, cable locator)


ESRI ARCGIS and Google Earth compatibility



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